Terry McCarthy

Coming from a sales background, I started life in Private Hire as a driver, soon learning that I didn't know my way around as much as I thought I did, and of course there were no "satellite navigation systems" in those days, you had to be able to read a map!

I progressed through the ranks from driver to controller, starting off on channel 2, before making the transition to channel 1, of course I was on night control first, before being allowed onto days. On a busy Friday or Saturday night we would have around 150 + drivers out working open call. After a 12-hour shift you could hardly speak. From there I encompassed the sales aspect of the company, which was private hire and courier, so plenty of account work was needed to keep all the vehicles moving. There were a lot less firms in those days so life did tend to be a bit easier as there was less competition. There was also plenty of documents to move around as the fax or email weren't in existence.

I was promoted to Manager, setting up systems and installing procedures all designed to improve efficiency within the company. At that time technology was only just emerging, and I quickly realised the importance of this, as finally you could analyse in some detail what you were doing, it didn't help much with the controlling side of things, but it did get rid of paper and pen and gave the controller a better overview of the drivers that were working. My career then took another turn when I joined another company, which had 3 offices, I was tasked with increasing the profitability, which I was able to do in a very short space of time, by implementing systems and procedures and by keeping a tight reign on the pricing and the circuit fee charges.

I became a director of that company as we moved into the Airport market, successfully tendering for 7 UK Airport Private Hire Concessions over a period of 6 years. My experience of implementing systems and procedures came in very handy for these Airport concessions as the Airport Authorities audit all your systems as their revenue is derived from percentages of the gross fare revenue.

Office Based Systems

Help with setting up office based systems to control workflow and ensure consitency in working practices

Accounting Procedures

Help with setting up or reviewing the way you account for income and VAT to make sure that it is the most efficient for your Company. No one likes paying VAT, even less if you are paying too much.


Help with marketing your Business, from social networking to your presence on the Internet. Make your Business stand out from the Competition

Customer Service

We are in a Service Industry and as such Customer Service must rate top when it comes to your Business. Are your staff and drivers offering a high level of customer service. For drivers good customer service equals more tips and happy customers, for staff good customer service is your Customers first impression of your Company.


Is your Company operating efficiently, what can you do to improve this.

Terry McCarthy


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